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Using Anchor Points, any personnel working at a height must be safely secured and restrained or have a physical barrier to prevent the event of a fall.

The purpose of an anchor point is to allow appropriately trained personnel to attach safety harnesses, lanyards and other safety equipment and provide fall protection in the situation of an incident occurring.

Installation of an anchor point safety system is an easy and cost effective solution to keep your workers safe from falls.

A permanent anchor system installed at the time of construction or retro fitted can assist in protecting employees and contractors for future roof access and avoid the expense of elevated work platforms and scaffolding for ongoing roof maintenance, plant and machinery inspections and servicing, gutter cleaning and repair and ensure you are compliant.

All anchor points should be manufactured, rated and comply with the current Australian and New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 1891.4).

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There are several types of anchor points available to suit most roof types throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Each of these anchor points is suitable as an attachment point for lanyards and life lines.

Metal Roofs
  1. Purlin mounted anchor points are installed and secured by drilling through the metal roof sheeting and the standard purlin.
  2. Surface mounted or top mounted anchor points are fixed directly to the roof sheeting by rivets.

Skyhooks Difficult Access Team is also pleased to offer an innovative new design in anchor points as part of our commitment to providing you with cutting-edge safety technology.

The new SAYFA surface mounted anchor features a 360̊ degree working angle, allowing further freedom of movement and simplifying installation.

Tiled Roofs

Discrete under-tile design fixed to the timber structure with only the eyelet protruding externally. As there is no penetration of the tile, waterproof integrity is not compromised.

Concrete Roofs

Fixed into the concrete, the anchor point is ideally suited to maintenance personnel working at heights utilising a harness and lanyard fall protection or rope access system.


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