Fixed Access Ladders

About this Service

Skyhooks Difficult Access Team can design and install lightweight aluminium fixed access ladders suitable for all access applications.

  • from ground to roof or ceiling space
  • between varying roof levels.
  • to machinery and plant platforms

A range of safety features are available, allowing our fixed access ladders to be tailored for the worksite, including:

  • Vertical ladder with vertical line and fall arrestor
  • Angled caged ladder
  • Platform and guardrail attachments
  • Fold-down ladder for hatch access

The aluminium construction of our ladders ensures low maintenance and neat appearance, whilst the unique profile design is light weight, comfortable and easy to use.

Ladder Brackets

Portable ladders are secured through a stainless steel cradle system, also known as a ladder bracket which supports and secures from the top rung of the portable ladder to prevent movement of the ladder in any direction. Available in 2 styles, wall mount or gutter/parapet mount.

Have Skyhooks Difficult Access Team design and install our customised fixed access ladder solutions for your situation and keep your workers safe!

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