Height Safety Inspections

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Height Safety Inspections

As per the standard – AS/NZS 1891.4:2009

Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices, Part4: Selection, use and maintenance, all permanently installed height safety anchorages, horizontal static lines and vertical line fall arrest systems and overhead rail systems must be inspected annually or in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Lives depend upon the continued efficiency and durability of all height safety equipment and a proper inspection by a certified height safety equipment specialist is vital.

Skyhooks Difficult Access Team can perform  height safety inspections on your roof and any pre-existing height safety system to ensure you are fully compliant with these standards and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2017, NSW Work Health Safety Act 2011 and the Code of Practice 2016 for managing the risk of falls at workplaces.

After carrying out load and proof tests on the components where applicable, Skyhooks Difficult Access Team will also update the system signage and attach relevant service tags. Once height safety inspections are complete, we then detail any areas of non-compliance and may be able to arrange repairs or modifications which will need to be completed before we issue a certificate of compliance (recertification) including “as built” system layout plans.

The recertification certificate is valid for one year, however after any fall or incident involving the height safety system, all components must be inspected immediately.

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