Safe Access Roof Walkways

About this Service

Slippery and uneven roof surfaces are common hazards when working at heights. Without the right safety systems like safe access roof walkways, falls can result in serious injury, even death.

These falls are preventable!

Skyhooks Difficult Access Team aim to help you keep your workers safe.

Our aluminium and fibre walkway systems create a nonslip surface for all weather conditions to protect your workers and the roof surface itself.

Versatile, multidirectional walkways provide:

  • A safe path to allow workers and contractors to access serviceable plant and equipment
  • Safe access over potential hazards such as skylights and unsound roof surfaces
  • Protection and extension of life of the roof deck
  • “Safe to walk” designated access routes across elevated areas
  • A solution that requires no certified maintenance with periodic and prior to use inspections

Safe Access Roof Walkways can be adapted to different roof layouts, incorporating:

  • Handrails and permanent guardrails
  • Steps
  • Levelling sloping surfaces
  • Providing extra grip on an inclined surface

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